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Today, while I was browsing the internet, one particular question caught my eyes. Someone asked a renowned motorcycle helmet blog where he could get a bulletproof motorcycle helmet. I was surprised to notice that a few people had recommended some helmets and claimed those to be bulletproof. Even to my surprise, I discovered some YouTube videos offering bulletproof facilities. I’m quite sure that the video uploaders never fired a bullet on the helmets to test the integrity.

Are Motorcycle Helmets Bulletproof?

Well, the bitter truth is that there is no such thing as bulletproof helmet. Some helmets have really strong shells and could provide adequate securities. However, the definition of a bulletproof helmet is that the helmets are impenetrable to bullets. As far I know that no motorcycle helmet manufacturer has made a dedicated bulletproof helmet yet or has plans to build it in the near future.

Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet?

There are some expensive motorcycle helmets that are remarkably strong and provide sufficient protection. Nevertheless, the protection here means that the helmets could save your life in a road collision or fall. Motorcycle helmets are designed to keep your head from injury when a crash occurs. They are not made to stop bullets. If you were shot in the head by a rifle then you could only wish that you had a steel helmet on. Unfortunately, you will never find a steel motorcycle helmet in the market. If you were hit by a bullet while riding then even if it stopped the bullet from penetrating your head, it still would break your neck.

Difference Between A Combat Helmet And Motorcycle Helmet

Combat or tactical helmets are designed solely for the military and other law enforcement. This type of helmet gives protection to its wearers from shrapnel and other objects and to keep the skull safe during combat scenarios. The United States Army currently uses the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). Even this helmet is not entirely bulletproof. A soldier carries various devices and accessories such as guns, cameras, walkie-talkie, water bottle, lights, and more. A true bulletproof helmet would weigh a lot and it would limit the ability of a soldier to look around and to move because of its weight.

The French army once experimented with steel helmets during World War One, but failed completely and had to switch to the common combat helmet.

Combat helmets have been used since ancient times to keep the head safe from stones and arrowheads. Those helmets were usually made of leather. As time passed by, science and technology have upgraded and made the tactical helmets far more durable. The materials of modern ballistic helmets are carbon fiber, Kevlar, and strong plastic. At some point, modern combat helmets are bullet resistant as they could stop a lower caliber bullet from a long distance.

Why Don’t Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers Build Bulletproof Helmets?

Motorcycle helmets are designed to be worn while riding motorcycles in the roads. Unlike the tactical helmets, these are made for the normal motorbike riders. Such helmets also protect your head but not in the combat scenarios.

A motorcycle helmet prevents head injury during a road accident by protecting the head, neck and face. They are designed to absorb impact and its purpose is not to stop bullets. A motorcyclist would never wear a heavy steel helmet. Motorcyclists prefer aerodynamic, lightweight helmets for comfort with transparent plastic visors.

The chances of accidents would rise if a motorbiker had difficulty to see the roads clearly or move his head due to overweight of the helmet. Having a heavyweight motorcycle helmet could be dangerous in a collision particularly for your neck.

Who Needs A Bulletproof Helmet

Is your life in danger? Are you not comfortable to go out and ride your motorcycle due to your security issue? Don’t be upset by the unavailability of a bulletproof motorcycle helmet. You can still protect yourself or your loved ones. Well, my first suggestion is to be friends with your enemies. If it is not possible then go for the body armor.

You may find bulletproof vests out there which are usually worn by military, law enforcement, and security guards. Don’t worry if you’re not any of them. A civilian of the United States has the legal right to purchase and wear the body armor. In most countries, body armor is legal for both personal or professional use.

You do not require any special paperwork or anything to purchase body armor. Moreover, you can also hire trained professional bodyguards or exclusive bulletproof cars if you can afford.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a bulletproof motorcycle helmet because you are fashion oriented and want to be unique then you can buy a military designed motorcycle helmet or you can buy a police motorcycle helmet. You will find plenty of strong helmets offer superior protection in the market. Before you buy, check if your helmet is DOT or Snell certified. I also recommend, choose the helmet color wisely.

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