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Can You Go Blind From Welding

About 4 million Americans are directly involved with welding, either full-time or part-time. Regardless of the industry, welders are exposed to various physical hazards. Surprisingly, one study found that the number of casualties due to welding in 2014 was around 6000. Over 2000 people had eye injuries. Can you go blind from welding?

Bad news for the welders that the number of injuries due to welding has exceeded the number of casualties in other occupations. The main reason for this is the negligence and ignorance of welder. If the welder does not have the proper protection, they have to work at high risk. Being permanently blind may result in neglect.

Do welders go blind?

Yes, a welder can go blind. If the necessary steps are not taken immediately after the spark hits the welder’s eyes.

Welding Flash May Cause You Death!

Welding-related accidents cause complications not only for the victims, but their employers also face problems. Employers are compelled to treat their wounded employees. In addition, the work speed is reduced. Many times, production stops temporarily.

Furthermore, the family members of the welders face many dangers. Just think about the poor welder who gets injured or even loses his precious eyesight. By default, he becomes unemployed. Instead of helping, he becomes a burden to the family.

However, most welding injuries are preventable. first of all, the welder has to understand the value of his life. He has to take proper protection as it is a risky job. It must be done with caution. Adequate safety and training often minimize the risks associated with this.

There are special protective measures for welding. A welding helmet is one of them. A helmet protects welder’s eyes from danger. Thus, Welders should not forget to wear protective gear.

When you come in contact with bright ultraviolet light, the flash burn can occur. There are many other reasons for occurring flash burns. However, the most commonly seen flash burn is caused by welding torches. It can be severe and even can destroy eyesight.

Bright light warms the lenses of the eyes, and the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision. Welding can cause considerable damage to the iris and retina of our eyes.

An updated welding helmet always required. Welding helmet like esab sentinel a50 will reduce the risk.

Welding Eye Injury

Arc welding can do a lot of damage to the eye. Arc welding is a particular type of welding, where electric pressure is created to melt metal. Arc welding usually produces three kinds of light that cause damage to the welder’s eyes. Ultraviolet rays, infrared and third are visible. Using a welder helmet can reduce this risk.

welding eye injury

Symptoms of arc eyes usually appear within hours after infection. If welder suddenly experiences a problem with the eye, then some action must be taken very quickly. If the eyes turn red, feelings of irritation or inflammation, and sensitivity to light, then you will know that arc eye might be the problem here. Eye drops might help primarily, but the victim must consult with an ophthalmologist.

Welding goggles is essential for a welder’s eye protection. It not only protects the eyes from heat and radiation but also provides safety from the ultraviolet light, which is produced from the electric arc. It also protects from sparks as well.

The welding helmet is mandatory for the protection of welders. Different types of helmets are available in the market. Most welding helmets are made of steels. There is a window through which the welder can see. Most window lenses are plastic. Polarized lenses are more effective. These are vital for a welder.

Tips To Save Your Eye From Welding Sparks

A professional welder has provided some tips on the popular website redditdotcom. I am sharing the gist with you. He experienced both flash burn and arc eyes during his several years of welding. He said his eyes suffered some damage, but they returned to typical condition one day later. Then he brought about a change in his habits and equipment.

He advised being careful. He used to use a leather helmet to protect him from electric ultraviolet. He also used gold-plated lens sunglasses inside his mask. Some welders use cheap sunglasses under the helmet. Cheap sunglasses can not provide you with optimum performance.

Hence, he recommends the right lens. He said that even if it costs a bit more money, one should not bother inexpensive welding goggles. Because lenses, especially gold plated, would not just save you from the ultraviolet rays, they would help you avoid sparks.

If you are a welder, you should know how to take care of your eyes when you go home after getting Arc Eye or Flash Burn. You can take medicines to relieve pain. Make sure you check the right dose before using it. The pain can last up to a day.

Do not read contact lenses until your eyes heal. If your eyes are sensitive to light, use sunglasses. You can use artificial tears to relieve the discomfort of your eyes. You can buy almost everything from a pharmacy. But, of course, you should check your doctor later.

Wrap Up !

There are many things you need to consider consciously. Weight, price, quality, etc. Remember, not only safety, welding helmet enhances productivity and quality of work. There are a few things which are better to have in a welding helmet. Having a passive lens is good because passive glasses have been providing adequate protection over the years, and they cost less than auto-darkening welding helmets. Remember safety always come first.

Weld Safely!

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